The Denver Broncos participated in the second annual 'Back To School with the Broncos' today. Twenty-five members of the Denver Metro Boys and Girls Club had the opportunity to shop with veteran players at King Soopers in Parker.

Each kid was gifted $115 by King Soopers to get new backpacks, pencils and other back to school necessities.

"That just goes to show you how much these people care about these kids to be taking them out and buying them school supplies. It's fun to be around them. We're not around kids a lot unless you have a family, but just to be around them I felt like I had four little sisters on my hand today so I felt pretty good." said Will Parks.

This event benefits the kids but it also has a positive effect on the players as well.

"It's a lot of fun, it's time for us as players to just step back and kind of look at the bigger picture and help out some kids at the boys and girls club, find school supplies, and stuff that we can kind of reflect on from when we were younger and really appreciated mom and dad and it's awesome that King Soopers is able to do this for the kids. It's awesome." Justin Simmons told 9NEWS.

Darian Stewart felt like a kid again shopping with his group of kids, "I'm probably just as happy as them. Any way to inspire kids and give them hope I'm all in for it."

The Broncos rookies had to report to Dove Valley today but the veterans will return for training camp on Wednesday.