ENGLEWOOD—Derek Wolfe liked the opening night training camp fare in the Denver Broncos’ cafeteria so much, he liked it way too much.

“I don’t eat seafood a lot,’’ Wolfe said. “I saw all those crab legs and I was like, “Oh I’ll just as many as I can.’’ Big mistake.’’

Wolfe was talking following the Broncos’ second training camp practice Friday, because he couldn’t talk Thursday. He couldn’t do much of anything Thursday.

As 9NEWS reported Wednesday night, the Broncos celebrated the eve of training camp by pulling out all the stops with their team dinner menu. Besides king crab legs, the main courses were lobster, filet mignon wrapped in bacon and – because football players need their carbohydrates – lasagna.

By all accounts, everything was delicious. Wolfe just suffered a lesson in gluttony. He reported to the Broncos’ first practice Thursday morning, but his stomach told the medical staff to send him home instead.

He returned for the afternoon walkthrough Thursday, and was a full participant in the Broncos’ second practice Friday.

“I got sick or food poisoning or something,’’ Wolfe said. “From 10 p.m. till 2 a.m., I was just … just stuck. They let me go home. I got an IV, pulled myself together, back today and I feel great.’’