While the Denver hockey team is trying to make history Thursday night, one of the Pioneers already has a little bit of history with his opponent in the Frozen Four. 

DU's Matt VanVoorhis and Notre Dame's Ben Ostlie played together growing up--all the way through high-school. 

Now, they'll be fighting against each other for a trip to the national championship. 

"Anytime you get a kid you played with in your community, looking across the red line in warmups is a really cool thing to see," VanVoorhis said. 

They're both from the home of the "cake eaters"--the nickname given to people in the town of Edina, Minn.

"I think it comes from the old money, and that rich people like to eat cake," VanVoorhis said with a laugh. 

Another thing about Edina is that it tends to produce a lot of good hockey players. 

Notre Dame has four players on its roster from the town, but Ostlie is the one VanVoorhis knows really well. 

"We became pretty good friends," Ostlie said. "I think we played D together for three or four years there. We became pretty close. I know the kind of game he plays, so I hope I can take advantage of that in the game."

But, that advantage goes both ways. VanVoorhis knows his former teammate's playing style as well. 

Just maybe, the school that gets to play for a national title will be dependent on the play of these former teammates Thursday night. 

Speaking in Edina terms, playing under the bright lights of the United Center in the frozen four is the cake. 

But only one of these old friends will get to eat it too.