The path was decided by the location.

"I think just being a strength coach in Boulder, you're constantly dealing with endurance athletes," said Erin Carson. When it comes to the people she trains the proof has been on the podium. 3rd place finisher at IronMan Kona Tim O'Donnell, 3 time world champion Mirinda Carfrae and many more.

"Our opportunities are great. And so the stories become really powerful because the performances speak for themselves," said Carson.

She and her team packaged their strength training program with the hopes it can reach multi-sport athletes world wide.

"Thus we created Endurance Consultants or EC FIT," Carson told 9NEWS.

The former University of Colorado basketball player wants to prove her clients that she still has it.

"As we navigate the decades as we get older we nee to find things that allow us to stay competitive, keep us healthy, fit strong," said Carson.

Triathlon has worked for her, not just coaching it. She was the top American finisher in her age group at the World Championships last month.

"I did the best I could on the day and I came in 6th in my age group," said Carson. "Just 1 place away from winning a trophy and that's the other thing, we're not doing this for money, so a trophy is cool. I like winning trophies."

The experience on course gives her credibility in her gym, where she does her real work.

"I would give up me being on a podium any day, to watch my athletes succeed," said Carson.

Luckily she's on a path, that could allow both.