It's an exciting time of year for the everyone and that includes the league's top dog.

"There's hope for every fan that their team is going to win the Super Bowl," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

Goodell stopped by Broncos Training Camp on Thursday. He spent a few minutes after practice meeting with fans and fielding some questions. Of course the topic of head injuries came up.

"One thing that is clear among the medical community is that we have a lot more questions than we have valid answers to," Goodell said.

He pointed to the fact that the league is funding studies and continuing to research the long term effects of hits to the head.

"What we're learning in our sport is helping other sports," Goodell said. "I have 16-year-old twin girls who are playing sports. There's a debate about whether they wear a helmet in lacrosse. I bet you five years from now they'll look back on that and say 'they're all wearing helmets, how were they not wearing helmets'."

There is a new helmet coming out this year called the ZERO1 from VICIS that is supposedly the safest ever created. The league wants to innovate beyond equipment as well.

"We have talked about the size of the field. The CFL (Canadian Football League) has a larger field. It's wider and longer. It has a dramatic change on the game and I guess I'd start with, we think our game is the greatest game in the world," Goodell said.

He hinted at small changes as opposed to sweeping ones. The goal is to continue to make the game safer and more competitive. Goodell also spoke about the Broncos.

"I had the great fortune of working very closely with Pat Bowlen," Goodell said. "He was incredibly involved with league matters and I think I spoke to him almost everyday. I got a really good appreciation of what he contributed but I also got an understanding of what was important to him."

Goodell said Bowlen planned very carefully for the "unfortunate situation that we are in", referring to Pat's battle with Alzheimer's Disease. He's happy with the way things are working under Bowlen's trust and Joe Ellis.

"The Broncos are in compliance. They're actually really well run," Goodell said. "Our membership is very happy with that and it's consistent with what Pat wanted."

It's always nerve racking when the bosses boss is in town, but that's a solid review from the league commissioner.