It's a classic Jefferson County football rivalry, the Columbine Rebels versus the Chatfield Chargers. It's been a lopsided rivalry, the Rebels winning the last eight of nine match-ups against the Chargers.

This time, however, it was the Chargers turn to take back the title.

In our 9Preps Game of the Week (9/22), Chatfield came out with energy, a nothing-to-lose mentality that ultimately gave them the edge.

Chargers running back, senior Ben Frenette punched in the first score of the game for the 6-0 lead in the first quarter.

After blocking the extra point, the Rebels took their shot at the end zone with a punch-in of their own taking the one-point lead against the Chargers with 10:46 in the second quarter.

The two teams shaved a lot of time off the clock, relying heavily on their running game and simply just trying to move the sticks.

Chatfield would tack on one last touchdown off a long run from Keland Rumsey before the two headed to the locker, the Chargers up 13-7.

Second half, Chargers' Frenette struck again on nearly a 20-yard run to the end zone for the 21-7 lead following a two-point conversion to make up for their blocked extra point in the first quarter.

Although the Rebels would tally one more score before the end of the game, the team couldn't figure out a way to get the big runs they've been so successful at earning in past match-ups. The Chatfield defense also played a shut down game getting to the runners soon after the snap.

After four quarters of play, the Chatfield Chargers would finally gain their first rivalry win 35-14 against the Columbine Rebels since 2009.

Prior to the game 9NEWS went live with the Chargers dedicated fans as well as the Columbine Drumline! Catch their TV time here!