GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- The No. 4 ranked Cherry Creek Bruins finished their season off with a shut out win against the 9-4-1 Mountain Vista Golden Eagles on Wednesday night.

After falling to the No. 1 ranked Kent Denver Sundevils last week and tallying a win against rival Grandview, the Bruins ended the regular season with a 3-0 win.

Creek senior Toni Aguilar-Rosenthal tipped in a shot after a Bruins corner for the first score of the game. Soon after, Bruin's Charlotte Godfrey would score in a similar fashion off a corner, but with a little more force, smacking it in in the slot.

Up 2-0, Creek junior Amanda Stewart would tally a third just before half time for the final score of the game. The second half goes scoreless on both sides of the ball giving Cherry Creek the 3-0 shut out win.