Think back to the most rigorous, exhausting workout of your life. Remember that "jello" like feeling in your legs? Well two runners at the Colorado cross-country state championships this weekend can top that, easy. Their legs -- felt like soup.

Peak to Peak sophomore Quinn McConnell held a slight lead over Denver North's Kayla Young as the two approached the finish line. Suddenly (insert dramatic music here), Young took a tumble, all but ensuring her opponent's win. The drama was just getting started, though, because before you knew it, McConnell dropped to the ground out of exhaustion, meaning Young still had a chance.

The two competitors both managed to get back on their feet, but the question remained -- who was going to stay there? The exhaustion finally hit McConnell, and Young was able to gimp across the finish line to take home the 3A classification individual title.

What a race, what a finish! Can we give these two runners a hand?