The No. 1 ranked Denver East Angels remain undefeated after a 3-1 victory versus the previously undefeated Thomas Jefferson Spartans.

Entering Tuesday's game, the Angels were 7-0, while the Spartans 6-0.

After the first half of play the two teams remained scoreless after the Angels had two goals off due to infractions in front.

In the second, the Angels struck first, second, and third with back-to-back-to-back goals for the late 3-0 lead against the Spartans.

To start the scoring, East caught a lucky break with a wacky goal off a header bouncing from senior Luke Neureiter's head to Benji Gutierrez's head before hitting a defender and deflecting in for the 1-0 lead.

Sam Carson and Eli Miller tallied the following two goals for the Angels.

Late in the game, on a miscommunication after a Thomas Jefferson ball in the air, Spartans' Jack Thibodeau collides with the goalkeeper after making connection with the ball. The ball pops up and sails into the back of the net, the score concluding 3-1.

The Angels face Denver West and Kennedy next week.