In our 9Prep Game of the Week (9/29), the undefeated Erie Tigers faced a talented No. 7 Silver Creek Raptors on their home field.

Throughout the game both teams struggled with penalties on miscommunications up front; however, the Tigers would battle through thanks to the running abilities of junior Noah Roper and a strong defensive showing.

After recovering their own punt, the Raptors would be held to a field goal by the Erie defense after Roper dropped a return in Tigers territory. The talented back would regroup and play an outstanding rest of the game punching in two touchdowns as well as a long pass from quarterback Jacob Mansdorfer.

The Raptors would get their only touchdown just before the end of the first half to go up 10-6 prior to the last two Roper touchdowns.

Silver Creek would find themselves down eight with two minutes on the clock, but non-other than Roper would come up with a big interception before the team took a knee to seal the win.

The Erie Tigers remain an undefeated 5-0 to add some much-needed hype around the small 3A school.