It's a probably good for referees to be on the same page during a game. But, rarely can they be found on the same pages of a family scrapbook.

That's the case for two local high-school basketball officials: Mike Contreraz and his son, Michael.

Mike has been a referee for over forty years, and his son wanted to be like dad from a young age.

"We would have Michael in black shoes, black slacks and the referee shirt," Mike Contreraz said.

Later in that time frame, Michael got to take up the career as well, and has even got to call games with his dad.

In that time frame, his father has evolved into one of best and most respected high-school officials in Colorado.

"We've developed the courage to go out and be part of the game and become top notch officials," Mike Contreraz said.

Over his long career that began back in 1970, Mike has had a front-row seat to see some big names progress in their athletic careers.

"I was also officiating when Chauncey Billups began playing Gold Crown basketball," Mike Contreraz said.

Son Michael never got to officiate games during the Billups era, but he was with his dad for something even more memorable: Mike's last game as a basketball referee during the 3A boys championship game last weekend.

The two were side-by-side once again as his dad called it a career.

"To be out there knowing that my father has had a big impact on me was very special," Michael Contreraz said.

In the final game of his career, Mike and his son got to call one incredible game, as Sterling High School rallied in the final minutes to stun Faith Christian and win the title.

It's just another moment that the two will remember forever.

"As (the kids) grow up, it's just a great feeling to know you were a part of their career," Michael Contreraz said.

Over the years, the two have been a part of the careers of thousands of high-school athletes.

And now, it's up to son Michael to continue to live out the respected Contreraz legacy in Colorado high-school basketball.