It all came down to the final kick.

The No. 15 seeded Broomfield Eagles outlasted the No. 7 seeded Loveland Indians after making an extra point in overtime.

The two 4A teams displayed they were evenly matched throughout the game. The Eagles scored twice in the first half, one through the air and the other on the ground for the 14-0 lead.

The Eagles began to let their guard down before half allowing two huge pass plays for an Indians score (14-7). Broomfield would then fumble the ball on the next offensive possession, which eventually lead to a Loveland rushing touchdown to tie the game 14-14 before the half.

In the second half, both teams would score on rushing touchdowns to remain tied (21-21).

Only a handful of minutes left in the game, Broomfield fumbled the ball just before the end zone turning over the ball and a chance to take the lead.

However, the Indians would be unable to convert and the two would go to overtime.

Both teams with a chance to score, the Indians scored on their first drive from the 10-yard line but missed their extra point for the 27-21 lead.

Broomfield now on the 10-yard line their overtime chance, converted for a score before freshman Eich Matthew nails an extra point through the uprights for the 28-27 overtime victory.

The Eagles will face No. 6 Pueblo South in the semifinals.