An hour-and-a-half east of Denver is the town of Fort Morgan.

“Fort Morgan is a really neat town because of how close the community is. We’re a very small of town of 10 to 15 thousand people. It seems like everybody knows everybody. But other than that, it’s just kinda really small but I really do love living here."

It's towns like Fort Morgan where football is king.

“Those stands on Friday night are packed. Everyone wants to watch the Mustangs play.”

And if football is king, then Trey McBride is their prince.

A senior captain, McBride is redefining the word "Superstar". He plays six positions on offense and a few more on defense. Occasionally, he shares his talents on special teams by doing the kick-off.

When it comes to the physical stuff, he's got everything a college scout wants- 235 pounds, 6-foot-4 without cleats.

A tough guy to beat on the line of scrimmage, opponents often rely on the double team to stop him.

But McBride is so much more than just a football player with NFL-sized dreams. He's a three sport athlete with nearly a 3.5 GPA. Schools from every corner of the country are taking notice.

“I have nine D1 offers from schools all over the country from the east coast to the west coast.”

Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming, Cal. The pile of letters is nearly endless. The large plastic box Trey keeps them in is overflowing.

With his senior season just beginning, his college decision is weighing heavily on his mind. For support, he keeps in close contact with his older brother, Toby, who is currently a sophomore linebacker at CSU.

Two years ago, the McBride brothers were teamed up, destroying their opponents offensive line.

"We were always causing problems."

So is big bro trying to get baby bro to play for the Rams?

"That would definitely be very, very special to me, playing with him. On the other end, you don’t always have to do what everyone wants you to do."

Lucky for him, he still has time to make up his mind and no matter where he goes, his family will give him their full support.

There are five kids in the McBride Tribe, four of them boys. Trey is smack dab in the middle with twin brother, Dylan.

“Someone would always get hurt. My parents took our pads away from us so we would stop beating each other up all the time," Trey says with a smile. "It’s kind of a neat thing because how close our family is first of all and how competitive everyone is with each other.”

Like all families, this one is both special and different.

“It’s definitely different but I don’t know any better. It’s not normal to other people because that’s how they kinda grow up is having a mom and a dad but I have two female parents.”

‘It is confusing sometimes for people cause there’s no norm within lesbian relationships," mom, Kate, explains. "Sometimes there’s a mom, sometimes there’s two moms. They call Jen "Jen", and I’m their mom.”

The couple first met in college more than 20 years and has been together ever since. In 2003, they moved the family from Greeley to Fort Morgan.

The newcomers in a new town, the McBride were sometimes put on the spot.

“I remember when Trey was in middle school and one of his teachers called him out and asked him, "What it was like having two moms?"," Kate recalled. "And Trey said, "What’s it like to have a dad?" So I don’t think until that moment, that he didn’t think it was that different. He has two parents, they love him. They just happen to be two girls.”

Outside of instances like those, the McBrides have been welcomed into the community with open arms.

“When I first moved here and everything that was kind of a big deal but it’s not a big deal anymore," Trey adds. "People have adapted to how we live and our lifestyle.”

“We’ve honestly been so blessed," says Jen. "This community has been amazing. I mean it’s been a great place to raise them.

And Kate agrees wholeheartedly.

"We’ve never had anything negative said to us.”

Jen works for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and Kate runs the family business, breeding and raising Golden Retrievers. Kate is also an avid scrapbooker, taking photos of the family at every event.

With five kids under the age of 23, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Yet, Kate and Jen make it work.

“They do everything. They’re at probably 95 percent of the sporting events. With three kids that’s tough to do that but they somehow work it out and go to all the games. Whether it’s two hours away or here in town they’re always at the games and driving me around. They’re always asking how everything is. Keeping me on track. And asking how my grades are, making sure everything is going smooth so they do a very good job at what they do and parenting and everything. I appreciate them and all that they do for me.”

His parents beam from ear-to-ear when talking about Trey and his accomplishments.

“I mean, he’s a good kid. He really is," says Jen. "He’s smart, he’s very smart. And what a gift. He can do anything and play amazing at it.”

Kate already owns CSU-gear, but doesn't mind the thought of adding another schools garb to her closet.

“I’m just so excited to see what he chooses and where he chooses to go and what jersey we’ll be wearing.”

For now, Trey is enjoying what little time he has left in high school. Even after he graduates and heads off to college, his family will be right there by his side to cheer him on.