The Highlands Ranch Falcons and Chaparral Wolverines were this week's 9Preps Game of the Week and it came down to the bitter end.

At the start of the game, neither team could find their offensive rhythm, both largely relying on their run-game. Although the Wolverines would get on the board first with a first quarter field goal, Highlands Ranch's running game would finally awaken in the next quarter.

In the second, on the longest run of the game, Highlands Ranch junior Tyler Dobbs would steam roll his way through tackles, down the field for a 70-yard touchdown to go up 6-3.

Both teams continued to search for more offense in the second half, but nothing would find it's way through either the Falcon's or Wolverine's defense. Both would get to runners prior to the line of scrimmage or only a few yards after.

Late in the game, Highlands Ranch would figure out how to get points by simply running the ball. With seconds on the clock in the third quarter, Dobbs would strike again on a close run inside for his second score of the game. The junior running back would make the score 13-3 heading into the fourth quarter.

Falcons continued to run the ball well finding the end zone again after Dominic Bettini would find a hole and pick up a few good blocks before bouncing outside for the 20-3 lead on a long run.

Although the Wolverines spent much of their time running the ball like their opponent the first three quarters, while occasionally hitting junior receiver Tizell Lewis with a pass, down 17 points it was time to go to the air.

Chaparral quarterback Konnor Ruth began connecting with his receivers as they cruised down the field. They would tack on a field goal before coming up with the ball yet again for another chance now trailing 20-6.

This time Ruth would point receiver Doug Wick to the back of the end zone where the two would connect for the first Chaparral touchdown of the game on a long ball to the corner of the end zone.

After a few big defensive stops and the ball on the Highlands Ranch 14-yard-line, 4th and 5 to go, the Wolverines were unable to gain the first with 38.1 seconds left leading to a Falcon's kneel and the final, 20-13.