AURORA - Defensively the Regis Jesuit Raiders halted the Aurora Central Trojans for a 38-0 win on Thursday night.

Both teams began the game with a quick three and out for the first couple drives. The Raiders made it difficult for the Trojans to catch any momentum on the offensive side of the ball.

Eventually Regis would punch one into the end zone and from their it was the Raider's game.

After the first half of play, Regis lead Aurora Central 22-0.

Second half, Regis took no time to continue their domination in their running game. The Raiders slowly broke down the Trojan defense to post 16 more points.

The No. 6 ranked Regis Jesuit shuts out Aurora Central 38-0.

Regis Jesuit's DJ Jackson runs to the end zone for a Raiders score in the 3rd quarter.