DENVER--The last ten seconds of the Grandview-Rock Canyon Great eight matchup were so thrilling, that not even the people involved were able to put it all into words.

"It's just a blur," Jaguars Junior Nick Janedis said.

Well, this is what's clear: Rock Canyon won 42-40, and the ending was electrifying.

Down two points with seconds left, Senior Colin Rarden made a beautiful running floater to tie things up.

It looked like the two teams would be heading to overtime, until Jaguars Junior, and team leading scorer, Sam Masten stole the inbounds pass.

He missed the layup in traffic, but his teammate didn't miss the follow-up, as Janedis was there to tip the ball in right as the buzzer sounded.

Madness ensued, as the Denver Coliseum erupted and the Rock Canyon bench stormed the court in an epic walk-off celebration.

All of that is clear. But, here is where things get murky.

While the tip-in counted and Rock Canyon was clearly the victor, freeze frame video of the game-winning bucket appears to show that the ball was still on Janedis' fingers when the horn sounded.

Had the basket been waived off, the two teams would have headed to overtime.

Still, it was such a close play, that in real time the bucket was ruled to count, and Rock Canyon won in regulation as a result.

Tyson Gilbert was incredible for Rock Canyon, as he was on fire from behind the arc all game.

Yet, it took a team effort to hold off an impressive comeback from Grandview, capped off by two Ben Boone three-pointers that briefly gave the Wolves the lead.

With the victory, Rock Canyon will take on Eaglecrest in the final four.