What do you get when you combine a high school rivalry, homecoming and two lightning delays? Answer? A spectacular show between Mountain Vista and ThunderRidge. The Grizzlies defeated the Golden Eagles 51-34 in front of a packed Shea Stadium Friday night, after both teams were exhausted by their play and Mother Nature.

Mountain Vista hosted its cross-town rival for its homecoming game, and the two schools put on an offensive spectacle for those in attendance.

The home team was the first on the board thanks to a fantastic 36-yard touchdown reception from Tristan Smith, but the Grizzlies were always there to match their opponent's effort. This game would go back-and-fourth all evening, with both teams putting up a combined 69 points in the first half.

ThunderRidge quarterback Taylor White finished with 221 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception, while his Mountain Vista counterpart put up 252 yards, three touchdowns and a pick.

Mountain Vista senior Aaron Albrechtsen had the longest play of the night, scoring a 90 yard touchdown reception in the second quarter to notch the game at 21 apiece. He also led both teams in receiving yards, with 184.

The rain and lightning moved in during the second half, causing two separate delays. Not wanting to finish the final quarter another day, Mountain Vista and ThunderRidge took the field for the final time after 11 p.m. The teams finished just a hair shy of midnight.

Watch the extended highlights in the video posted above.