Most teams have a utility player -- someone who can fill in at multiple positions. Few are lucky enough to have a handyman like Vista Peak.

While the majority of people require ten fingers to catch a football, senior receiver Dylan Holt could do five, and that's being generous.

"He doesn't set out to make one-handed plays. It's just spur of the moment," Bison head coach John Sullivan said.

Holt's extra-long wing span and size make him a physical threat both blocking and catching. It also helps him make a minimum of one incredible one-handed catch each game.

"If you practice on it enough, it becomes easy," he said.

Holt has been practicing this skill since he was seven-years-old. To this day, he counts a one-handed grab in his peewee state championship game as his best one yet.

"[My dad] and I were practicing two-handed and [my dad] said, 'You know what, go one-handed.' He said we're going to practice on this the rest of your life, hopefully you become good at it."

It's pretty safe to say, he has. Dylan's abilities on the field have attracted the eyes of college coaches, and he currently stands with 28 receptions for 376 yards on the season. He has also found the end zone six times this year.

"It's no big deal anymore. You know, we used to ooh and aww and stuff, but now the kids are like, 'Okay, that's just Dylan,'" Sullivan said. "When we run passes, it's almost like Christmas-time. There's different presents out there, and he's a gift for us. To be able to get him the ball. We're able to put him in situations to make plays."

To Holt, the amazing plays have never been about the highlight reel or cheers. Instead, they speak to his confidence, both in himself and his team, to achieve more.

"This school hasn't had a playoff berth yet, so that's my goal, to get us to the playoffs, win our league, you know, get the school going before I leave," Holt said. "To be honest, I just believe in my heart and mind that I can pretty much grab anything that goes out there."

"Put [the ball] where nobody can get it. I'll get it."