If Rockies baseball was a movie, the sneak peek trailer would be juicy, with all the promise in the world. Unfortunately, the movie itself often leaves something to be desired. 

After a 16-10 start has them sitting atop the NL West in first place, Rockies fans might not want to get their hopes up with the hometown ball club. Or at least, that's what history says. 

This year marks the eleventh time in franchise history that Colorado has entered May with a .500 record or better. Of those previous 10 seasons, the Rockies have only made the playoffs one time--in 1995 when they were just 5-1 in the month because of a strike-shortened season. 

2017 is also the seventh season in which the Rox have held at least a share of first place in the division after April. Any idea how many times they made the playoffs in those six previous years? Yup, once--in 1995. 

In fact, the only two times the Rockies have made the postseason this turn of the century--2007 and 2009--the teams got out to poor starts. 

The 2007 miraculous World Series team went just 11-16 in April, while the 2009 squad was just 8-13 come May. 

All to be said, fans should be excited for Rockies baseball this summer. This first month has certainly warranted the good vibes. But, the harsh truth is--we've been fooled before. 

Because sometimes, a great preview doesn't always lead to a great film. We'll just have to sit through this year's screening and find out if 2017 will be any different. 

So, how are you feeling about the team's strong start? Is this year going to be different, or are you still hesitant to believe in the team? Vote in our poll below.