There's no question that through roughly a quarter of the long MLB season, the Rockies look for real.

They own the second best record in the national league, and sit 2.5 games up in first place in the NL West with a 25-15 overall record.

Still, in Coors Field and the surrounding Denver area, there's a sort of hesitant optimism floating in the air. Many fans want to believe that the wins will keep coming, but aren't ready to expect that just yet.

That's especially true when history says fans should be cautious of a Rockies' strong start.

But, Colorado newcomer Ian Desmond is tired of all that talk.

"I keep hearing about the 'it's early' stuff," Desmond said. "These games matter. We're winning games, and I don't think that needs to be discredited."

After yet another Rockies win Tuesday night against the Minnesota Twins, the 31-year-old veteran was asked about the team's 12-5 road record, even though "it's early".

"Every win is important," Desmond responded. "I don't care if it's April, May or September. You want to win games, you want to win series and you want to give yourselves a chance to play meaningful games at the end."

While many Rockies teams in years past have had strong starts, only to fade down the stretch, Desmond believes this club is different.

"I'm really confident in what we can do," Desmond said. "We're going to be good, and it's going to be a fun summer."