Rockies' right-handed pitcher Jon Gray is no stranger to the supernatural.

Gray is a master at making batters miss, making them think there's something to hit when there isn't with his go-to pitch, the slider.

"If I can throw the slider for a strike it makes the fastball faster, and everything else harder to hit," Gray said.

The power of the slider is bewildering batters; it's supernatural, something Gray is familiar with.

"I love the unexplained. I love things that no one can really put an answer on," Gray said. Although his slider can be baffling, it's ghosts and spirits that upswings his curiosity.

"They say half of people believe in spirits and half don't," Gray said, "but from a person that has actually had an experience, it becomes more real."

Gray has been a believer since his childhood.

"I saw an apparition of a person when I was nine-years-old in my room and it freaked me out," Gray said. "I left the room, went and got my parents and told them what happened, what I saw, and of course they didn't believe me. They made me go sleep back in my room that night like 10 minutes after it happened and I was so scared."

For some it seems farfetched, for Gray it's stuck with him years later.

"I didn't take it very lightly," Gray said. "It was pretty horrifying."

Ever since then he's been searching for answers, even since coming to Colorado. After being called up in 2015, Gray toured the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which is rumored to be haunted. Stephen King's psychological horror, "The Shining", was said to be based off his time at the hotel.

The 25-year-old pitcher hasn't gone next level with his ghost hunting...yet.

"I never actually got a place and I'm the only person in there, got everyone out and stayed overnight and looked for things. No, I haven't, but I've always wanted to do that," Gray said.

For now the ghost-busting will have to wait. The 6-foot-four righty has his own terrorizing to do. Gray needs to be the Rockies' monster on the mound this season and he'll get his first chance in the season-opener tomorrow.

Hopefully this season, Gray will leave opposing batters searching for answers.