Her feet have carried her a long way.

Taylor Kornieck broke several records during her freshman season at the University of Colorado, including consecutive matches with a goal. This summer, Taylor traveled the world playing with the U19 and U20 Women’s National Team. It’s actually a path she started on last year.

"I was honestly intimidated by other players (last summer), but now, continuing to go back in the program has given me a lot of confidence,” Kornieck said.

She sure looked like she found her footing in a 2-0 win over England. Taylor scored her first international goal and also added an assist in the game.

"I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to score, and when the ball fell right in front of me, I had to be composed and make sure I scored," Kornieck said. "Scoring my first goal was pretty amazing.”

It was also the moment the 18-year-old realized she belonged. Her goal is to play for the U.S. Women’s National team. For now though, her cleats are back in Boulder, getting ready for her sophomore season. The expectations are high after Kornieck was named the PAC-12’s freshman of the year in 2016.

“I don’t want my freshman year to be the peak of my soccer career," Kornieck told 9NEWS. "I want to build and try and have an even better season than last year.”

Her feet have taken her a long way. Now we’ll see how far they can carry the Buffs.