The all-time leading scorer for major league lacrosse didn't have to travel far to be honored before the Denver Outlaws game Saturday. He just had to walk from the sideline to midfield.

John Grant Jr.--now the offensive coordinator for the Outlaws--was given a No. 24 Grant jersey prior to the team's matchup with New York.

The team wanted to honor its former player, who played with Denver from 2014 to 2016, and is now in his first season as a coach.

"I spent a few years here, and it was definitely the best place I played," Grant Jr. said. "They treat everyone--from the parking guy, to the coach, to the star player--in an awesome way."

During his career, Grant Jr. was a 3-time Major League Lacrosse MVP, and was named the offensive player of the year three times as well.

In 133 games, he scored a staggering total of 318 goals.

Still, despite all he's brought to the game, Grant Jr. still said he feels fortunate to be in the position he's in now.

"It's just a great place, and I'm so lucky to be here coaching," Grant Jr. said.

After the pregame ceremony, the lacrosse legend got to watch his team rally from a 7-goal deficit to beat New York 17-14.