The Colorado Mammoth will face the Saskatchewan Rush in the divisional playoffs on Saturday.

The Rush beat the Mammoth two weeks ago, so this will be a challenge, but compared to the adversity Head Coach Pat Coyle has faced, this is nothing.

Sometimes in life you get a second chance...Pat Coyle did, but his road to Colorado, a road to recovery from substance abuse was certainly a difficult one.

“I didn't consider myself someone who was like on the streets,” said Coyle. “I always thought I was better than the people who have those problems who you look down on. In reality it was causing a lot of havoc and chaos in my life."

That substance abuse spilled over to the lacrosse field. In 1994 Coyle shoved a ref and was kicked out of the league, an incident that could have costs Coyle his place in the Hall of Fame.

Pat was convinced he was getting a raw deal, he couldn't see how the life style
he was leading was contributing to his troubles and then he started a 12 step program that helped him to turn his life around.

Coyle says that was the hardest part, but he’s stayed strong. He said "No, no matter what and then he caught a break when that lacrosse league folded allowing him to return to the game he loved.

Pat Coyle has been given a second chance.

He’s won five NLL Championships as a player and now he’s hoping to win it all as a coach.