Let's be honest, fly fishing isn't the easiest approach to the sport. With that being said, it's also not as big of a burden as most make it seem.

The interest in fly fishing continues to increase in Colorado and people like Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing are helping anglers of all skill levels gain a better understanding of how to approach the sport.

"Mayflies and microbrews, I've never met a fly fisher, new or old, that doesn't like beer so it's a good fit," Peter told 9NEWS at his Mayflies and Microbrews fly fishing class.

Peter, an aquatic biologist and "Chief fly geek" of Ascent Fly Fishing, hosts a class to help break down what he does as a biologist in hope of helping the average fly fisher catch more fish.

The class is two and half hours and hosted at a brewery. In that that time, Peter covers; fish habitat use, interpreting fish feeding behavior to match the life cycle of bugs fish are eating and entomology on the water and in the fly box.

The intimate setting makes it easier and not so overwhelming for anglers to gain knowledge about the sport and ask whatever questions they may have.

"I feel like it should be a 'welcome to the state of Colorado here's your fly rod'," Peter said. "I see the rivers, lakes as a treasure to be shared. It is a place of belonging."

To learn more about the classes you can click here.