It's hard to truly capture the career of a pro football Hall of Famer. All the amazing moments, broken records and legendary plays are practically a work of art. That's why only the most talented sculptors get to help immortalize the NFL's best.

Legendary Broncos Running Back Terrell Davis gets enshrined into the Hall of Fame on Saturday. There, he'll receive his very own "bronze bust" portrait, which will live forever in Canton with those of all the other all-time greats.

And, nestled within the Provo, Utah mountain range works a man named Ben Hammond, who is responsible for the masterpiece.

"It becomes a joy to pursue perfection as you try to create something iconic," Hammond said. "You want people to say, 'wow'."

Hammond is a sculptor who has made portrait busts for the pro football Hall of Fame since 2007. This year, he was in charge of making the bronzed resemblance of TD.

He recently met up with Davis in a Los Angeles hotel room for a Hall of Fame modeling session to make sure he got the portrait just right.

"What really sets it off is getting it right in the beginning," Hammond said. If you don't get it right it's like putting lipstick on a pig. If it's not right, it's out of whack."

Getting to see the former running back in person not only helps with the accuracy of the portrait. It also helps the two get to know each other really well.

"We talked about his ancestry and DNA," Hammond said. "Every culture and race has a different bone structure."

Even Davis' family members had input on how the bust was coming together.

"Wives are always good with things like the mouth, lips and chin," Hammond said. "They are nervous about criticizing my work, but I want it so I can get it right. They know what he looks like more than I do."

After the initial meeting, Hammond went back to Utah to put on the finishing touches for the clay bust. Once that's done with, it's on to the foundry, where the bronzed bust will go through an evolution similar to Davis' magnificent football career.

"They will pour molten bronze into this cup (at the bottom of the clay bust), and it will be distributed through wax tubes, and then to the rest of the head," Hammond said. "Then the bronze will cool, and they'll break the outer shell off. Then you'll have an exact copy, in bronze, of Terrell's head."

TD's legacy is remarkable, from winning a super bowl MVP, to becoming a two-time world champion and eclipsing the 2,000 yard mark.

It's only fitting that his bronze bust is just as impressive.