Support is fundamental during offseason training, not to mention there's nothing like competing against another top-notch athlete to stay in the best physical shape. For Broncos 304-pound offensive lineman, Michael Schofield, his support rests with his 5-foot-2, 130-pound fiance, Kendall Coyne.

"We do a good job motivating each other and pushing each other," said Schofield. "She's pretty strong so there's a couple of times I'll grab a weight and I see her picking up a heavier one and I'm like....okay, I'm picking up an even heavier one."

Coyne is part of the United States Women's National Hockey Team. She's a silver medalist from the Sochi Olympics and has her sights on gold in Pyeongchang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

"It's so cool she gets to represent her country," Schofield explained. "Football you don't have that opportunity."

The two grew up in the same Chicago suburb.

"Our high school is 4,000 students and I'm a grade older and she's a grade younger," said Schofield. "I'm up here, she's down [there]; we never saw each other."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Coyne jokingly.

They don't see eye-to-eye in a literal sense, Schofield standing almost a foot and a half taller than his counterpart; but their paths finally crossed when Schofield was preparing for the 2014 NFL Draft.

"It's kind of a coincidence we're in a weight room right now because we met working out back at home," said Coyne.

The two hit it off and their relationship was lifted to a new level when Schofield contacted Coyne over twitter.

While she was finishing up her senior year at Northeastern, Schofield spent his off-season's in Boston as her biggest fan.

"I love watching her play because she's so much faster than everyone," Schofield exclaimed. "She's like a player you make in a video game with 99 speed and she's zooming around everyone and making all these incredible goals."

In her time at Northeastern, Coyne tallied 249 points in 133 games during the four years she spent with the Huskies. During the Sochi Olympics she netted two goals and gave four assists in five games to win a silver medal. She has also won four gold medals and one silver medal in the IIHF World Championships.

Later this month, Coyne will be representing Team USA for the sixth time at the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championships, which takes place at the USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth, Michigan.

Schofield is obviously very good at his sport, but she might just be better at hers.

Now that the two of them are in the same city, they can work together and help one another. This includes having her fiance, the big-man on the football field, lace up the skates.

"I can shoot kind of hard," Schofield said.

"You have a good shot," Coyne affirmed. "He really puts his weight in it."

Schofield's size comes in handy on the ice for passing, shooting, playing defense and even battling for pucks in the corner. She will never see size like his in her sport. On the field, Coyne's speed comes in handy for him while training.

"There's things where I can use her like she used me in hockey to visualize things," said Schofield.

The NFL offensive lineman finds himself blocking some of the strongest and fastest guys on the field. "I always ask him, am I Von Miller yet?" said Coyne. "She's quick so it definitely helps," said Schofield, but they both agree she's not their yet.

Outside of helping one another train on the ice or on the field, the two like to get away. Coyne even made Schofield hike the Manitou Springs incline, a mile hike up stairs in the Colorado Springs area.

"I thought he was going to break up with me," she said.

The two compete, challenge, yet support each other and that's what makes them so cohesive.

"Just about a month ago he proposed at my favorite ice cream shop back home," said Coyne.

On the ice or the turf, in a weight room or at an ice cream shop, the two prove that life -- like a workout -- is easier with the perfect partner.