ENGLEWOOD—Sometimes, it’s easier to get work done when the bosses aren’t around.

The Denver Broncos are struggling mightily and while head coach Vance Joseph indicated earlier in the week he wanted less meetings and more on-field work for his team while preparing for its next game Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, the players took it upon themselves to put in extra work.

“That’s important, too, because the coaches can give you the solid game plan and they can give you time, but for players to get better with their details it takes more of your own time,’’ Joseph said following the team’s walkthrough-like practice Saturday. “The players this week had more player-to-player meetings and guys are taking their work home and studying. That’s important. It’s professional football, so for you to nail your job it’s has to be sometimes homework. That’s part of their jobs.”

Broncos players, particularly those on offense, talked all week about how most of their problems have been missed assignments. Trevor Siemian calls the plays, or changes the play at the line of scrimmage, and one or two guys will invariably go the wrong way or do the wrong thing.

One reason, perhaps, why Joseph has not placed more blame for the Broncos’ inept offense on the quarterback than other players.

The player meetings -- the offense and defense met separately -- were mostly film sessions of the game plan with the players quizzing each other on their assignments.

Maybe all this extra credit will help against the Chiefs.


The Broncos listed four starting players as “questionable” for the game against the Chiefs: Defensive end Derek Wolfe (foot and finger), receiver Emmanuel Sanders (ankle), inside linebacker Todd Davis (ankle) and tight end Virgil Green (shoulder).

Wolfe and Green have the best chance of playing. Wolfe practiced for the first time Saturday, albeit in what was a walkthrough. Green practiced all week.

Sanders and Davis are not expected to play. Sanders hasn't practiced in two weeks. Davis worked out his high ankle sprain on a side field Saturday. But a strong indication he won’t play is the Broncos promoted inside linebacker Kevin Snyder – who was newly signed to the practice squad this week – on Saturday and waived punt returner/backup receiver Hunter Sharp.