The Rockies entered play on Sept. 16, 2007 4.5 games behind the San Diego Padres for the final National League playoff spot.

What took place over the next month was the most magical stretch in franchise history.

The Rockies won 21 of 22 games, resulting in the team’s first and only World Series appearance.

In the coming weeks, we will relive the streak known now to Colorado fans simply as “Rocktober”.

9NEWS will look back, on a game-by-game basis, at the Rockies' 2007 run. You will also hear from the players that made it happen.

Every day had a story, so bookmark this page and follow along as we celebrate Rocktober 10 years later. Below is the timeline of the Rockies' incredible run.

Sept. 16, 2007: The streak begins

Sept. 17, 2007: A day of rest

Sept. 18, 2007: The walkoff that sparked Rocktober

Sept. 19, 2007: Brad Hawpe continues Rockies' magic

Sept. 20, 2007: The first of many sweeps

Sept. 21, 2007: One Hawpe closer

Sept. 22, 2007: gaining ground

Sept. 23, 2007: a sweep inside the park

Sept. 24, 2007: sitting back and climbing up

Sept. 25, 2007: Tulo's Time

Sept. 26, 2007: The Dragon Slayer

Sept. 27, 2007: Keeping pace

Sept. 28, 2007: The first bit of adversity

Sept. 29, 2007: Tony Gwynn Jr. saves the Rockies' season

Sept. 30, 2007: The gap closes for good

Oct. 1, 2007: The greatest game in Rockies history

Oct. 3, 2007: The start of the playoffs

Oct. 4, 2007: Matsui's Grand Slam powers Rockies

Oct. 6, 2007: Lights out at Coors Field

Oct. 11, 2007: NLCS begins

Oct. 12, 2007: A free pass to the plate in extras

Oct. 14, 2007: Torrealba takes Rockies to 3-0 NLCS lead

Oct. 15, 2007: Rockies win the pennant