Rocktober was incredible for many reasons. Everyone remembers the playoff games, the 21 of 22, the incredible Wild Card game and the trip to the World Series.

But, the Rockies' run in 2007 did more than just provide baseball magic for fans across Colorado. It also gave us one of the best nicknames in the history of sports.

Josh Fogg was more than just a key pitcher for Colorado during its incredible stretch. He was, "The Dragon Slayer".

The right-hander earned the nickname by gaining the reputation of always beating the other team's best pitcher.

On Sept. 26, 2007, he was slaying the Dodgers' best hitters. In a much needed effort, Fogg pitched six and two thirds shutout innings, helping the Rockies beat LA for the second night in a row, 2-0.

Kaz Matsui and Matt Holliday each knocked in a run offensively, as the Rockies won a team record 10th game in a row.

Still though, the Padres weren't making things easy. San Diego won again to remain a game up on the Rockies for the Wild Card spot.

With just four games left, time was running out. But, the Rockies' magic wasn't. Rocktober was just beginning.

Player Reflections 10 years later

Josh Fogg on the "Dragon Slayer" nickname: "I don't hear it a lot anymore, that's for sure. If I do hear it, it's usually in jest from some of my buddies or something. When I come back here, it's always good to get that recognition back. To realize that people still remember...I wasn't a huge part of the team, but when I went out there I gave it my all and did the best I could."

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