For the better part of two weeks, the Rockies were invincible.

Whether it was a walk-off, extra inning victory, inside the park home run or something even more ridiculous. nobody wanted to play against Colorado.

As the Rockies won eleven straight games, they not only climbed within one game of the National League Wild Card spot. But, suddenly, the first division title in franchise history was a legitimate possibility.

And, the team they had a chance to overtake was coming to Coors Field for the final series of the regular season.

On Sept. 28, 2007, the Rockies trailed the Arizona Diamondbacks by just two games in the NL West. With a 3-game series coming up, a sweep meant that Colorado could overtake the D-backs--and maybe, depending on the Padres--win the division.

In just one night, the fans went from imagining the incredible possibilities to wondering if Colorado would even make the postseason at all.

In a gut-wrenching 4-2 loss at home, the Rockies saw the Diamondbacks celebrate a division title on their home field, and also looked to the scoreboard in right field to see that the Padres won as well.

Pitcher Jeff Francis got the loss, giving up four earned runs in six innings. After an early deficit, the Rockies could never quite close the gap.

All at once, the dream of a division title was squashed in front the 48,000 fans in attendance. And, when the night was done, every single one of them left for the parking lot thinking the season itself was probably over.

It would take a miraculous scenario for the Rockies to even have a chance at the postseason. Trailing San Diego by 2 games with just 2 remaining, Colorado would have to win out and pray for the Padres to drop back-to-back games in Milwaukee to the Brewers.

As we all know now, Rocktober was in fact miraculous. September 28 was just a pit stop in the otherwise magical month of Rockies baseball in 2007.

Player Reflections 10 Years Later

Rockies Pitcher Brian Fuentes on getting past the D-backs loss and still going to the World Series: "I never really thought about it being special in terms of where it's at in history. It was just a special moment, or a string of moments that are kind of blurred together, and it's not categorized as 'the run'. I can't remember one particular game. I can remember moments of particular games. Just having that little wad of awesomeness in your life, I look back and think, 'wow, that was really cool,' but I don't think of it as one particular moment. I don't know. It's weird."

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