If you have attended Colorado State University in recent years, you’ve probably received numerous long-winded emails from President Tony Frank about all sorts of topics, from the grim state of higher education funding to why we can’t have a snow day.

What did they have in common? He usually mentioned the long-suffering Cubs – and in a tweet, this mention may have (sort of) predicted the future (even though he has probably mentioned the possibility of the Cubs winning the World Series every year).

“It is a rare CSU snow day,” he wrote. “Does this mean 2016 will be the year the Cubs win the World Series?”

Frank’s prediction, which happened in 2016, isn’t quite as eerie as the now-viral quote in a year book from 1993, where some dude named Michael Lee wrote:

“Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first.”

Still, Frank was happy he was right – as Cubs fans everywhere are.

P.S. No, one cannot have a snow day without snow. -tf

— Dr. Tony Frank (@CSUTonyFrank) November 3, 2016

And a post on CSU’s Facebook page about Frank’s possible ability to predict the future is also doing pretty well for itself.