Look, if you’ve lived here a while, you know why there’s a purple stripe in downtown Denver because you’ve seen this same story every year.

But we wanted to write a different headline from years past, and in case you didn’t know why our streets look a little bit more like a certain dinosaur, here’s why: Friday is the Colorado Rockies home opener, and every year, Denver Public Works paints a purple stripe on Blake Street between 22nd and 19th streets to honor the occasion.

The crew also painted Rockies logos along Blake – something that’s happened for every home opener since 1995.

The Rockies are a pretty big deal on opening day (we’ll let you make your own assessment of what happens as the season goes on) – so if you’re headed downtown Friday, it might be a bit of a challenge to park.

RTD recommends taking public transportation.

The RTD Rockies Ride service starts Friday and will run for the fireworks games on July 3 and 4.

There are pickups from 10 Park-n-Ride locations in the Denver metro area, as well as Boulder High School.

You can also take B Cycle to get around.