What a way to celebrate a birthday. Day one at the new job and Monte Morris join the NBA as one of the Nuggets new players.

The rookie from Iowa State was introduced as the Nuggets new point guard today, a position they're loaded with already with Emmanuel Mudiay, Jamal Murray, and Jameer Nelson.

"They've been here but I've been in this position in college before," Morris said. "I've always learned from the older guys and it grew my game tremendously so I'm looking forward to learning from a lot of the guys here."

Morris is a different than most of the players in Denver and in the NBA. While scoring is at the top of most basketball players list, Monte prefers to pass.

"I think it's just my nature." Morris said. " I've always turned down open shots to see my guy make a basket."

That will certainly make Morris popular with his new teammates. What will make the coaches love him is that he doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't turn the ball over, ever. Morris is the NCAA career leader in assist-to-turnover ratio.

Not only does Morris prefer to dish the credit to those around him, he gets the ball his teammates accurately.

"I could pass the ball but they still have to make the baskets." Morris said. "I've always been surrounded by guys that can put in the bucket at Iowa State."

Morris is hoping he has that same thing here in Denver.