A couple Denver Nuggets might have found a career they enjoy even more than basketball. Just forget about the qualifications for now.

Thursday, guard Emmanuel Mudiay and forward Nikola Jokic paid a visit to some of Denver's first responders.

They passed out pizza, cookies and game tickets, while also signing autographs for several members of the Denver Police Department District 6 and Fire Station 6.

"You've got to thank them for what they do," Mudiay said. "They're risking their lives to save us. They definitely deserve all the blessings they can get. It definitely was an eye opening experience."

It was also a whole lot of fun. Besides just sharing some food and autographs, Mudiay and Jokic got to to try on some gear at the fire station, sit in the fire truck and take some pictures with a few of the firefighters.

They also debated whether or not to slide down the fireman's pole. Mudiay even went to the top floor and contemplated, but eventually made the smart decision.

"I can't do that. I'm good," Mudiay said with a laugh. "They make it look easy, but when you get up there, it's a lot more difficult than you think."

So, they might not be ready to fight fires or anything quite yet, but the Nuggets still had a great day hanging out with Denver's first responders.

Watch the videos above for all of the day's best moments.