Brian Shaw is a head coach – he may soon take up the challenge of being a barista too.

As a disappointing season quickly nears the end, the Nuggets head coach has made it a point to tell his team to stay positive. So when injured guard Nate Robinson came into the team room Wednesday morning – hopped up on caffeine from what Shaw thought was a strong blend of joe – Shaw got this crazy idea.

"He came in just super pumped up this morning and it lit up our team breakfast room with all the energy that he brought," he recalled. Shaw has emphasized that body-language is crucial even as the losses mount and it may seem difficult to play hard in what could be viewed as meaningless contests.

"[Assistant coach] Lester Conner said take some of that into the locker room and spice some of those other guys up," he laughed.

Denver has lost six of their last seven games and also has been eliminated from playoff contention for some time now.

So while the season feels like it's winding down, Shaw wants his team to wake up. He hopes that guard Ty Lawson and forward Wilson Chandler will be able to return by the end of the season. It's an odd philosophy but he doesn't want any sort of feet-dragging or shoulder-slumping as they head into the offseason.

"We've some players that kind of mope around and get down," Shaw said. "I believe you put that kind of energy out it affects everyone else on the team."

The opposite works as well; a single positive player can change the entire complexion of a team. All Shaw needs to do now is learn how to whip up a double-espresso.