The DU lacrosse team is hoping recent history will repeat itself.  

The Pioneers hockey team won a national championship despite losing in the semifinals of their conference tournament.  

The DU lacrosse team lost in the semis of their own tournament as well and now they're hoping to get back on track.  Hockey bounced back and now lacrosse is hoping to do the same thing.

"Well if it turns out the same way we'll like it for sure," said head coach Bill Tierney on the comparison.  "What Coach Montgomery did with that program this year and the long season those guys had it's just amazing to me. We are just in awe of what those guys do and are just thrilled to be a part of an athletic program that has teams like that as a part of it."

Lacrosse is certainly one of those teams as well.  DU has won a national championship, one.  They've still got seven to go to catch the hockey team.  They're four wins away.

DU opens NCAA tournament play at home on Saturday afternoon against Air Force.