They come to learn about football, but the Ladies Huddle at Colorado State is more than just X's and O's on a chalkboard.

"Tonight we're doing interactive stuff," says CSU head football coach Jim McElwain in his welcoming remarks for the evening. "So you're actually going to play the positions."

Yes, these gals came to work. First, they go through a warm-up led by the Rams award winning strength coach Mike Kent. Kent is joined by a few players who help the ladies run a few high knee and butt kicker drills.

Following the warm-up, coaches and players show the ladies various drills, and then it's their turn. Some even impressed the coaches, however a scholarship might be a long shot.

The ladies went through an hour of drills and also media training, where they answered tougher questions than the actual media asks. For example, "What happened today? You threw three interceptions. Do you know we wear the color green?"

The entire evening was all in good fun and finished with the best part: dinner and spirits, served by the CSU coaching staff.