Aaron Rodgers is popular nationwide. Not just for his quarterback work - or his commercial work (Discount Double-Check anyone?) - but also because he just seems like a great guy.

In that vein, he spent his day prior to playing the Broncos hiding game tickets around Denver for lucky fans to hide.

He'd post the hint to his Twitter and a pic to his Instagram and it looks like it worked as first-come first serve.

Now, a cynic might point out local Green Bay fans had a better chance at finding the tickets (since they'd be more likely to follow him), but either way this is pretty darn cool.

A quick look at some hidden tickets on the 16th Street Mall - as you can see, I don't follow Rodgers. What's a Jaguars fan in Broncos country to do? (Become a Broncos fan, of course) (Photo: Aaron Rodgers/Instagram)

"Two more in this planter," he wrote on one post. He hid two more near Union Station downtown.

9NEWS got a couple tips that the famous QB was meandering around Denver prior to game time (who wouldn't?) but it wasn't until someone decided to check his social media accounts that it became clear what he was doing.

Were you lucky enough to find one of the three sets of tickets? Let me be the first to say: you lucky sonuvagun! Enjoy the game and #GoBroncos!

If only... (Photo: Aaron Rodgers/Instagram)

Check out his Instagram and Twitter here.

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