Would you call that “soft?”

Denver Broncos cornerback and captain Aqib Talib was ejected during the first quarter of Sunday’s matchup against the Oakland Raiders following a brawl with wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

UPDATES: Follow the Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders play-by-play

You might remember how last year, Talib and Crabtree also got into a fight after the former pulled off Crabtree’s neck chain.

Talib was escorted off the field by Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, and given a penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Crabtree was also ejected and received the same penalty.

Raiders guard Gabe Jackson was ejected for pushing an official during the skirmish.

Here’s a look at what happened when Talib and Crabtree played last season:

Michael Crabtree #15 of the Oakland Raiders has his helmet pulled off during a fight with Aqib Talib #21 of the Denver Broncos in their NFL game. Both players were ejected from the game.