“Someday, I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?”

These Taylor Swift lyrics, in addition to shedding light on her years-long feud with Kanye West, also ring true for how Denver Broncos fans are feeling about a USA TODAY Sports projection for this season, which claims our hometown heroes will go 7-9 this year and lose the AFC West.

Adding to this unnecessarily blow is their prediction the New England Patriots will be undefeated. Cue sad Tom Brady GIFs, Broncos fans:

In addition to sharing the tragic news that Justin Bieber will not be performing in Denver, the 9NEWS Facebook page was once again the bearer of sorrow and shared the USA TODAY Sports graphic.

Here's their justification for being mean to the Broncos:

They've got major questions at quarterback ... and running back ... and on both lines. Also, a schedule frontloaded with home games and a Week 5 bye means the Broncos won't be in Denver for seven of the final 11 weeks.

Broncos fans were not having it.

“I predict that Bronco fans will not be reading USA Today Sports anymore....hahahaha,” Paulette Swenson writes.

“Broncos will be 12-4, win the West and a first round bye,” Marc Johnson writes.

“Kiss my Bronco loving bum. Super bowl 50 is the proof you can underestimate us all you want and we will still whoop your team,” Jean Goheen writes.

“Doesn't matter, every time the Broncos get doubted, they win!” Jeff Porter said.

“And people wonder why the broncos have a chip on their shoulders. No respect,” David Spence wrote.

Brian Crandal, meanwhile, shared a sentiment that all Broncos fans can get behind.

“ I don't care if the Denver Broncos go 2-14, as long as those two wins are Beating the Raiders,” Brian Crandall said.