Tis' the season of giving and the Denver Broncos gave back on Monday at the Denver Rescue Mission's 18th Annual Holiday Party, sharing a traditional holiday meal with 100 different families in the Mission's transitional program.

Broncos' Chris Harris Jr., Zach Kerr, Bradley Roby and nine of their teammates came together to sign autographs, take photos and even get in on decorating cookies with the families.

For some of the players, the event was about lending a hand to those in similar situations they once endured as kids.

"I came down here because I kind of experienced this growing up," said defensive lineman Zach Kerr, "Being less fortunate, growing up homelessness and stuff like that, I experienced those things growing up so for me personally it means a lot for me to come back and give my time and give my good energy to these people, let them know that somebody cares about them."

Despite the Broncos woe's on the field, their influence and help in the community is always appreciated.

"Win or lose we are always making an impact in the community as much as possible," cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said. "Even when we're record bad, we're still a lot of these peoples heroes, so to be able to come here and give them an early Christmas gift is very important."