The Broncos can't catch a break.

The Denver defense will have faced the top five NFL quarterbacks after this week's game against the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees may be the best of the bunch.

“We’ve faced some really good quarterbacks and this one has to be on top the list," coach Gary Kubiak said. "He’s exceptional, one of the finest players I’ve ever seen. From being a quarterback guy and watching that position, this guy has been exceptional for years and years. He’s really at the top of his game right now. They’ve gotten healthy over the past month. As a football team, you can see it. They’re playing really well.”

“It’s Drew Brees," outside linebacker Shane Ray said. "He’s been in the league 15 years. I look at him as one of the legendary quarterbacks. When you think about Peyton and ‘Big Ben’ and that group of quarterbacks, he’s right up there, too. The amount of yards that he’s put up passing, everything speaks for itself and who he is.

"We just have to make sure we run our game plan. We’re playing a great quarterback. We’ve got to figure out where his weak spots are. We’ve got to figure out what he likes to do and we have to attack it.”

Trevor Siemian won't ever go up against Brees, but the Broncos quarterback believes he'll have to help his offense keep up.

"Drew Brees is a heck of a player and he’s going to find a way to score a ton of points," Siemian said. "I’m not thinking too much on the other side of the ball. We know that we have a good group over there, but it’s our job to hold up our end of the bargain and score some points and hold on to the ball a little bit.”

And Siemian admits Brees is also one of the guys he's always admired.

“He’s one of the couple of guys that is just full command of the game," he said. "He’s got his thumb on the pulse of the game and you see him back there and he’s never out of position or his thought process is never off so he’s one of those guys that you look up to and hopefully pull some things from.”

The Broncos visit the Saints Sunday morning hoping to put that Raiders loss behind them before hitting the bye week -- after all, 7-3 sure sounds a lot better than 6-4.