Who are the Broncos to blame for their back to back setbacks?

Everyone could be better, but a big point of emphasis has been on the ground game (or lack of). The Broncos running backs have failed to break the 100 yard barrier in four straight games.

In week one against the Panthers, they ran for 148 yards. A week later against Indianapolis, they surpassed the century mark again with 134 yards, but since then they've been running on empty. In the last four games the Broncos have rushed for 52, 89, 84, and 84 total yards.

“It definitely hasn’t been where we want it to be, but I’m just excited," CJ Anderson said. "I’m excited to have another opportunity with my guys out there, definitely get some continuity back on the [offensive] line. Everybody is gelling with myself, too. I kind of told myself, ‘No matter what it looks like this week, as a playmaker, I’ve got to make plays.’ That’s in the back of my head too. If it’s clean, I’ll make plays and if it’s not clean, just make plays.”

The old football cliché is that a good ground game is a quarterback's best friend. Trevor Siemian is hoping to the two get reacquainted real soon.

“You don’t want to throw it 50 times unless you absolutely have to, but you want to keep balance," Siemian said. "I think we’ve been saying that this whole year. You have to make teams defend both and with what we do offensively, the play-pass and the explosive gains are coming off a run action. That’s what we’re going to try and do stay balanced and keep chipping away, and I think we’ll get there."

Blaming the backs seems to be the easy way out. Most in the know are aware it's really the offensive line, but the Broncos won't blame anyone in particular.

“I don’t think you can point at anyone," offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said. "We didn’t perform very well as a group, coaches included. We’re all trying to get on the same page. We worked really hard the past couple of days. One more good day and we’ll go out there and make some improvements. That’s what we’re counting on, everybody improving. If you sit around and say, ‘Well it was all one person’s fault,’ nobody gets better so if we all take those strides and get better then we will get better as a group.”

The Broncos hope to get back on track Monday night against old friend Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans.