There are 75,000 people are on the Denver Broncos waiting list for season tickets.

That's enough people to fill a second Sports Authority Field.

This offseason the team's front office conducted an audit to weed out season ticket holders who weren't attending games. Through barcode technology, they ousted more than 200 people from their seats who did not attend a single 2016 to 2017 game.

It gave the tens of thousands of those waiting a chance to move up on the list, in some cases for the first time in as many as five years.

John Miller of Greeley was one of those people.

"To get those tickets? It would be a dream come true," Miller said.

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Now 33, Miller put his name in the massive season ticket hat when he was 18.

Before this offseason' audit, he was priority number 5,820. After he was bumped up to 5,600.

"I kind of want to frame [the tickets when I get them]," he said laughing. "But I also, you know, want to use them to get into the games."

Existing ticket holders will get first dibs on the new open seats if they wish to upgrade. If that happens Miller said he'd be more than happy to take nosebleeds, as long as he got a seat with his name on them.

"My dad died this past year and he was the biggest Broncos fan I knew," Miller said. "Blue [and orange] definitely runs in the family."

Prior to the audit Miller's priority number hadn't raised in five years, so theoretically it may not raise for another five. At the same time, if people ahead of him don't want to pounce on their opportunity to get the season tickets he could move up to number one on the list quicker than expected.

"[When I get them] I'm never giving them up," he said. "Never, never, never."

If people don't want to keep their season tickets any longer they can keep their seats in the family and “will” them to blood-related family members only.