When it comes to football, everybody seems to be an expert, but the smallest of fans that sometimes get overlooked in a big crowd often have a good grasp on the game.

Kids passing the time by playing football at the Mile High Stadium parking lot before Sunday night’s game gave their two cents about what it’s like to be a football fan and even had some tips for the man leading the Broncos.

Leah Tiller has quite the throwing arm for an 8-year-old and it keeps her 12-year-old brother on his toes as he runs to keep up with her passes.

Out of the thousands of grown-ups at the Broncos games, she said the kids are the biggest football fans.

"Mostly because there are a lot of kids who like the Broncos more than their parents," said Leah.

That seemed to be the consensus before the Denver-Kansas City match up, but until allowance catches up to the price of a ticket, the youngest fans will have to take their parents' lead when it comes to watching a game in person.

"I am a huge Bronco fan," said 10-year-old Joseph Probst.

"On a scale from one to 10, an 11 and a half," said Leah's older brother Peyton Tiller.

They might be short in stature but the youngsters have a few big ideas they'd like Coach Kubiak to listen to.

"I think we just need to do more on the offensive line," said Peyton.

"The defense should do some type of blitz to sack the quarterback," said 8-year-old Cullen Johnson.

“(Trevor Siemian) can improve on just like knowing where the wide receivers are and the tight ends and just getting the ball to them, concentrating more on that,” said Probst.

That's a playbook even the Broncos players can get behind with the support from the youngest in the stands.

"I think they're going to make it to the Super Bowl and I think they're gonna win," said 11-year-old Abel Vigil.