It's your only job!

That's been a common comment to field goal kickers around the country. Why are so many, at so many levels, missing so much?

The Broncos are in the dark about as much as anyone else, but it has not been an issue that has been of any concern to them.

Brandon McManus has only missed twice this season and both of those kicks were from beyond 50 yards. On all other kicks McManus has been money. He's a perfect 16 of 16 so far this season.

"it's happening a lot right now," McManus said. "I don't know if it's becoming more and more competitive with closer games so they're coming down to these kicks and we're noticing them more. I don't know if there's a weird bug going on in our league, but most of the guys missing them are established guys as well."

That's what makes what McManus has done even more impressive and yet he still expects more. His longest made field goal this season was from 46 yards.

"I've tried 56 and 54 and both of them were pretty close but we'll see how the game plays out and I'll make the kick next time."

Long field goals are great, but if the Broncos have their way in Oakland, McManus will only be kicking extra points.