ENGLEWOOD - Few NFL stars play with the emotion Aqib Talib exhibits on game day for everyone to see.

Those raw emotions are one reason why the star Denver Broncos’ cornerback is so popular with fans. He cares. When Trevor Siemian threw a clutch, fourth quarter touchdown pass, it was Talib who bear-hugged the Broncos’ quarterback from behind and lifted him off the ground.

“I love football,’’ Talib said. “I love to win. I love the game. That’s how I play.’’

But those emotions got the better of Talib on Sunday night when an NBC camera caught him angrily shoving teammate Jordan Norwood on the sidelines after Norwood muffed a punt in the fourth quarter.

“If that’s how you want to put it,’’ Talib said. “I call it playing football.’’

There is playing football and there is showing up a teammate in front of a sold-out stadium and nationally televised audience. It was the fourth quarter when Norwood muffed a punt for the second time in the game. This one was recovered by Kansas City Chiefs’ long snapper James Winchester. On Monday, a cooler-headed Talib apologized to Norwood.

“Me and Talib spoke earlier today and squared things away,’’ Norwood said. “We all want to win football games. There are a lot of emotions behind that.

“I should have caught the punt. I wasn’t really worried about what Talib was doing. I’m trying to make plays to help the football team win games, just like Talib is, and just like everybody else is.’’

Norwood had just been cleared from a concussion test when he muffed his second punt. And then he had Talib ringing in his ear.

“We’re brothers,’’ Talib said. “We argue, we fight. We go to war together. This Sunday we’re going to go to war together again.’’

The Broncos play at Jacksonville against the 2-9 Jaguars with the game kicking off at 11 a.m.