The most entertaining battle in camp hasn’t been Trevor Siemian vs. Paxton Lynch. To the contrary, there have been times, like much of the camp practice Wednesday, when the quarterback competition has been difficult to watch.

The mano y mano contest that has been worth 10 times the price of free admission (Wait, what?) at UCHealth Training Center this summer has been receiver Emmanuel Sanders going up against cornerback Aqib Talib.

“Ah, come on, every training camp is me and Talib, me and Chris (Harris Jr.),’’ Sanders said Wednesday. “We always go at it. That No Fly Zone, but guess what? I’ve got a jet, a private jet I’m trying to fly. Sometimes they blow my plane out of the sky and sometimes I fly good and I’m looking down on them like, ‘Hey, I’m flying up here, you all can’t stop me.’

“Those are two All Pro cornerbacks and I’m blessed to go up against them every single day.’’

Maybe, Siemian and Lynch are really the next Joe Montana and Steve Young. Only no one knows it because the Bronco quarterbacks have to go up against the No Fly Zone every day.

OK, so Siemian and Lynch are not Montana and Young. But it is difficult throwing against the Broncos secondary.

There were a couple times Saturday when it appeared Sanders had Talib beat on deep balls, but Siemian's throws weren’t there. There was a Lynch pass here Wednesday when Talib stepped in front of Sanders for an interception.

Siemian appears to be leading the Great Quarterback Competition. But even he hasn't found a consistent rhythm when throwing against the Broncos' secondary.

“You come out here and you complete passes versus these guys, when it comes to the game—I’m not going to say it’s going to be easier, but you know you’re going against the best of the best,'' Sanders said. "It’s not going to get any harder for sure. As long as they understand that and know that, I think we’ll be fine.”