Had a nice chat today with coach Bill McCartney.

He was out at Broncos practice as a guest of his Denver head coach Vance Joseph.

Coach Mac pointed out he won just 7 games in his first 3 seasons for the Colorado Buffaloes. You can guess the advice he gave his former backup quarterback.

“Just to hang in there,’’ Joseph said. “Obviously, he had some rough times at CU before he won games. It’s a hard profession. But it’s what I chose.’’

Coach Mac is testament to having patience with your head coach. He was 1-10 in his third season of 1984. He had three 11-1 teams in his final six.

In Joseph’s four seasons (190-91, ‘93-94) as the backup quarterback to first, Darian Hagan and then Kordell Stewart, McCartney’s Buffs went 38-8-2.

“He was an honest coach,’’ Joseph said. “He told guys exactly the truth all the time. That’s what I’ve taken from coach Mac. Because players want the truth all the time. That’s one of his lessons he’s passed on to me.’’

The exact truth with Joseph is his first season with the Broncos is not going well. Social media has made criticism harsher. Had Bill McCartney been coaching today, he probably would have been fired after that third season.

Which we now know would have been a mistake.

Will Joseph get a second season to coach the Broncos?

“It takes time for a leader to impose his will,’’ McCartney said.

Still, in the win or else business of the NFL, Joseph knows he better win another game or two.